Crypto Currency Analysis

After starting the stock market analysis, I ran into a few problems.

  • Only 3 trades per stock in a five day period without a base of at least $32,000.00
  • Trading hours are limited to day time hours
  • Trading days are limited to Monday through Friday.

I felt that, with these limitations in place, the stock market does not allow for the variation that is human nature.

Now I know that for some, crypto currency is still either too new, too hard to understand, or just seems dumb. Many see crypto currency advocates as much like lemmings running toward a cliff because it is trendy. I understand the feeling, but I have one thought that has helped me. It doesn’t matter if I think it is real money if I believe that other people believe it is real money. That being said. I will continue.

Progress so far:
I have created a python script and automated it to collect and update a CSV file once every minute. The CSV file can then be used to update a database or directly connect to a data analysis or visualization program.

As I have already automated the task of collecting the data, the next step in what I would like to do is to build a neural network of weighted table neural layers designed to make intelligent choices of whether to buy or sell.

Final Uses:
I would like to run my program in test environments against money management websites.