Projects – Power BI

Above is a School Assignment in which I used child mortality data mixed with cause of death data.

The original reason for this project was a way of bringing myself back to reason. With so much fear being built up today, I decided on a project that would allow people to interact with the truth of child mortality. With children of my own, I do worry about them. The truth is that most children grow up without any real problems. The project originally looked at the most likely causes of child mortality but then asked a simple question, “Could something be done about it?”

I imported government data on investment in citizen happiness and found that there was a strong correlation between Government investment and the amount of child mortality.

This report was a report built with an OData connection to the Milwaukee, WI crime data portal and was part of a school assignment.

The hardest thing about this data was the crime map. Some crimes automatically had the address removed, others sometimes had multiple addresses.

I wouldn’t say that this is the greatest example of my abilities. I purposely created many ways to filter the data in an effort to show how one could affect the visualizations. Power BI is not taught in my school and I wanted to give other students in my class a good look at Power BI’s capabilities. I also created a series of videos to share on YouTube showing my work in the Power Query like “Transform data” tool in Power BI Desktop.